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Hynes Eagle Men's Vintage Cool Leisure Business Canvas Genuine Leather Laptop Messenger Handbag/Briefcase

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Department: Men
Brand: Hynes Eagle
Material: Canvas
Weight: 1000 grams
Products Dimensions: 14.2''L x 3.9''W x 11.0''H
Style: Leisure Business Canvas Messenger Handbag

Description: Enhance your everyday style with this smart and sharp Leisure Business Handbag. Made of high density canvas and genuine leather, it brings us the feeling of very difference. Spacious main compartment are convenient for holding your laptop, A4 size files, pens and many other essentials. It is closed with the zip under the genuine leather flap, which offers the security with casual cool style. You can carry it by quality top handle and the detachable shoulder strap. So, distinguish your look with this stylish messenger bag!

1. The distinguishing feature of Crazy Horse leather is that there are some disordered scratches on the surface, so it can present the style of retro and wildness. When you scrape it widely, the trace will be appeared. If the trace is not obvious, you can wipe it gently, and then the trace will be less. Please pay attentions to this feature before you decide to purchase.
2. This product is made from top quality leather and has that wonderful new leather aroma. If you are not used to it, you could just open the package and put it in a ventilate place for a few hours, then the smell will fade away.

Please Note:

1. Please compare the size with one of your current bags.
2. Actual color may vary from picture due to computer settings.
3. Find store front of Hynes Eagle, more surprises are waiting for you!

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